Other Works

 A Period of Confinement   Young Alma Taylor, an artist in Baltimore in the eighties,struggles to negotiate a new marriage, a new baby, and her serious ambition.  The New York TImes called this, “A shimmering tale,” and author Alice Adams called it “A risky marvel, and amazing read.” 

What Gets Into Us: Celebrated Stories Set In A Small Carolina Town

 In a series of prizewinning stories, this book charts the lives of many in a town from the staid and frightening fifties through the turbulent sixties and beyond, until the present day. 

Dream State: Louisiana Stories

In language that Lee Smith called, “precise and hallucinatory at the same time” Crone’s comic voice recounts the remarkable lives of contemporary Louisianans who must negotiate hurricanes, unstable starlets, crusading environmentalist outsiders, and creaky marriages through the  nineties. New York Times critic Gary Krist stated,”I am glad to report this work is utterly sui generis.”


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